Chemical Reactions During Cooking

Chemicals Reactions During CookingChemical Reactions During Cooking Is Not Opinion

Traditionally, our palates dictate how tasteful foods essentially are. We have been brainwashed since birth into believing that most foods must be cooked, as it is better for our health, however when foods are cooked, the chemical reactions during cooking, alter the flavor and taste making it impossible for us to appreciate the goodness of raw fruit and vegetables.

It does perturb us that by satisfying our perverted palates, and by cooking our food, we are killing nutrients that keep us alive and healthy and help prevent chronic and life-threatening diseases like cancer to set in. Have you ever noticed that during or after the cooking processes, we will only consume the foods we have cooked by dousing it with sugars, salts and other flavorings?

Does it make sense that this is the only way it can pass our taste buds? Ever wondered why cooking without spices is not appealing, consider that it might be that spices were introduced to mask foods that are not fresh or rotting.

It seems criminal that new products labeled as natural have no nutritional value at all; this is after being subjected to the chemical reactions during cooking. The temptation of trying out these new products, impede your decision to eat fresh fruit, vegetable, nuts, and seeds.

Imagine all the fresh produce that naturally comes in bright colors, their natural brightness indicates that they are packed full of antioxidants or polyphenols. These polyphenols aid in the prevention of degenerative diseases and cancers.

Now imagine these colors after exposure to heat, they become and dull and faded like old clothing. Has it not become apparent yet: our health and beauty are dependent on natural products and by adulterating their organic compounds, we are losing their true nourishment.

Amadori Rearrangement of Molecules, Glycosalamine formation, Strecker degradation, Maillard reaction, and Coagulation are all Chemical Reactions While Cooking

People the world over experience the daily enticement of false advertising offerings pertaining to food especially. We are fooled into eating non-nutritional items that leave us under-nourished, starving and sickly.

In order for optimum bodily functions to occur, we need enzymes to survive. Every living organism produces enzymes, these consist of two types: metabolic, which run our bodies, and digestive, which participate in digesting our food.

Raw foods comprise of their own food enzymes that work with our bodies to release the healthy nutrients that we need, however, these enzymes die when they are exposed to chemical reactions during cooking and heat over 118° F.

Enzymes are needed in the human diet to maintain health. They are unable to handle any kind of heat, microwave use, or high heat pasteurization. When food is cooked always the best of what it represents for our health is lost and as a point of fact, it is humans only that use when cooking.

In today’s society, people use heat for most all food consumption. On average, the human race, die at or below only half of what their expected lifespan should be. This is primarily due to diet and lifestyle. “You won’t be surprised that diseases are innumerable–count the cooks.” – Seneca (4 BC-AD 65), Epistles. [1]

The best advice to people living with chronic conditions and cancer is to eat as much as raw, natural, unprocessed foods as they can, that have not been subjected to chemical reactions during cooking.

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